In addition to the ongoing collaborative efforts of ReviveLI, we offer the following services to churches:
  • Pulpit Supply. Whether your church is in-between pastors, your pastor is on sabbatical, or you simply could use a week off, the pastors collaborating with ReviveLI may be available to step in for you.
  • Accountability.  Leading a church can be strenuous and isolating at times.  Having one or more church leaders who are aware of the struggles of leadership keeping you accountable can be a tremendous asset.
  • Sounding Board.    Trial and error can be an inefficient way to learn.  Allow the experiences of our collaborating churches to help inform your ministry decisions.  Ask us questions, bounce ideas off us, get our input, see what has and has not worked for us and why.
  • Ministry Evaluations.    We have all been at the point where certain ministries of ours are smoldering or struggling to get off the ground.  ReviveLI can provide an informed outside evaluation of a ministry with constructive feedback.
  • Mentoring.    Whether leading a church is new to you or you have been doing it for decades, there is much to be gained from mentorship.  ReviveLI consists of a number of churches from different backgrounds and denominations and with a wide array of experiences.  If you are seeking a church or church leader as a mentor, we can provide that connection for you.
If you or your church can benefit from the resources of ReviveLI, feel free to contact us at